Vertical Roller Mill

A vertical roller mill is a type of industrial equipment used to crush or grind supplies into compact particles. These machines consist of a large, heavy-duty steel drum that relies on both hydraulic and pneumatic forces to pulverize rock or stone. Vertical roller mill machines are extensively applied inside the concrete and mining fields, and are also employed to procedure gypsum. These units can approach each raw and recycled supplies, while assisting to decrease waste and preserve virgin supplies of these components.

Most vertical roller mill models are positioned beneath a sizable hopper, which feeds rock as well as other components into the best from the mill. A sizable, horizontal plate fits inside the physique of your drum, and rotates quite swiftly when the machine is in use. As materials fall onto the plate, centrifugal force pushes them out towards the edges in the circular plate. Large rollers sit along the perimeter of your plate, crushing and grinding supplies before they will fall off the edge. These rollers are powered by hydraulic fluid, which enables them to exert tremendous force to manage challenging materials.

Vertical Roller Mill

A pneumatic, or air-powered, technique helps to collect the pulverized supplies. Those which have been crushed into compact particles are drawn upward by means of air pressure into a collection bin. Particles which are also big are heavy basically fall off the edges of your plate for reprocessing.

The vertical roller mill serves as an alternate to regular ball roller machines. Inside a ball roller, grinding wheels move within a steel drum to crush rock or stone. These rollers move in a fairly random pattern, and have a tendency to make supplies of varying sizes. They do not give the consistency and effective processing of a vertical roller mill.

1 main benefit towards the vertical roller mill is its efficient and efficient operation. By crushing components within a reliable and consistent pattern, these machines are in a position to total grinding jobs significantly more speedily than standard roller mills. This helps to minimize power consumption, which in turn cuts production costs. In addition, it increases processing speed, and allows corporations to make substantial quantities of material in a short time period.

Like all grinding and crushing equipment, the vertical roller mill tends to demand frequent maintenance due to the abrasiveness from the stone inside. These machines include a greater number of parts and are far more complex then a ball mill, which increases maintenance specifications even further. A vertical roller mill also tends to expense more than other rock-crushing equipment.

Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers

In recent years, with all the continuous improvement of grinding mill machinery technologies, vertical roller mill production enterprises mill technologies has matured, we via unremitting efforts and absorbs the domestic and foreign sophisticated technologies,item analysis and development of vertical mill, progressively by domestic cement, electric energy, chemical and also other industries to accept, turn into the preferred equipment for grinding business. My company's R & D vertical mill set,drying, grinding, crushing grading conveying into a whole, high production efficiency, can be the powdery material block, granular and powder grinding materials required, and has been applied in many fields.

vertical roller mill bearing maintenance

Bearing parts of the crusher is the most likely broken , worn in the use of relatively large so they need regular maintenance , frequent refueling to increase bearing life.

vertical roller mill maintenance routine aspects

To ensure the vertical roller mill in good technical condition , ready to be put into operation, reduce downtime , improve crusher good rates , utilization, reducing crusher wear and extend the life of the crusher ; do regular maintenance , enforced correctly processing using relational maintenance and repair , only not allowed to raise or just repair support .

vertical roller mill lubrication maintenance

Constant attention and timely manner lubrication friction surface , can guarantee the life of jaw crusher normal operation and extend equipment . Join the bearing grease is 50-70% of the volume must be replaced every three months , the application of clean gasoline or kerosene carefully cleaning roller bearings runway oil change . When the toggle plate and toggle plate pad contact must inject grease before starting crusher


  • 1. Design a solid and durable
  • 2. bearing system set up at the bottom of the mill
  • 3. The closed-circuit grinding system
  • 4. short delivery, very competitive price positioning
  • 5. The construction work, low installation costs
  • 6. The entire production line design and compact
  • 7. A very narrow particle size fractionation, most down to d98 <6 m
  • 8. The very low energy consumption
  • 9. The low wear rate, easy maintenance.
  • 10. Simple operation


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