PEW Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher as a regular crushing equipment, simply because of its easy structure, trustworthy, quick to manufacture, effortless maintenance, excellent adaptability positive aspects. Considering the fact that its 1855 inception, has been broadly used in market, crushing gear, its disadvantage is low efficiency, non-continuous crushing, crushing ratio and small, countries have enhanced their shortcomings, it also enhanced the level of automation in current years, there have some new models, which include dual-chamber double-action jaw crusher, dual-chamber rotary crusher, jaw crusher and screening, are placed outdoors the moving jaw jaw crusher, fine jaw hanging down crusher 12- q, due to the current use from the majority from the actual compound pendulum jaw crusher, plus the development of common significance

PEW Jaw Crusher


  • 1. Before starting, the device must be fully careful examination;
  • 2, check the broken tooth plate wear and adjust the size of the port of discharge;
  • 3, the link bolt is loose;
  • 4, pulley and flywheel protective enclosure is complete;
  • 5. Check whether the ore crushing cavity, if large pieces of ore, remove immediately;
  • 6, V-belt and the tightness of the spring rod is appropriate;
  • 7, the extent of the storage tank is filled (or dry oil reservoir oil) oil of in good condition and lubrication systems;
  • 8, electrical equipment and signal system is normal and so on.


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